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seo service starting with keyword research

Our professional SEO service starts with keyword research.

For your business to rank higher in the search engines, you need a company that offers a professional SEO service.

The journey of great Search engine optimization starts with good keyword research.

You can try just taking all the keywords you see from online searches. But you won't go very far with your goal. Why?

You may choose the wrong keywords. Like very competitive keywords. If you go for just any keyword, you will be just wasting your time. Furthermore, you will waste money. Lots of it. 

Let us handle the keyword research for you. Our keyword research process includes the following:

  • Going for keyword phrases that are 2 to 4 words in length. 
  • Choosing keywords that are less competitive. But still profitable.
  • Targeting keywords that are searched a lot by people on the internet. No use targeting keywords that are searched less than 100 times a month.

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Part of our SEO service includes submission to the search engines

Submission to search engines. Part of our SEO service.

Unless you submit your website to the search engines, nobody will find you. Sad. But true.

When you hand over your SEO service to us, you can rest assured that your site will be known to Google. And eventually, be seen by thousands of people. Searching for products just like yours. Without having to pay for Ads all the time.

By submitting your website to the search engines, you get the following benefits:

  • Being found online. When people search on Google. Bing. Yahoo. And others.
  • Getting regular traffic. And free traffic.
  • Google will crawl your site. Let you know if there any issues. Like mobile optimization.
  • You will get to know how your keywords are doing. 
  • And how far your rankings are.

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Backlinks. A must for an SEO service.

Backlinks. A must for an SEO service.

Google has mentioned that backlinks play a big part in SEO services. It places backlinks as one of the big factors. When it considers ranking your site.

Remember that backlinks are other (relevant) websites that place a link to your website. They are like votes. Saying that your website provides the answers to people looking for a product. Or service.

But getting the wrong backlinks will do you no good. Google will just ignore them. Besides, you will be wasting your time. As a business person, you should be making sales. Not wasting time.

When we do the backlinking for your business, we do the following:

  • Research your competitors. To check where are they getting their backlinks from. 
  • Then get you the same backlinks.
  • Getting the right, quality backlinks.
  • It's not about the number of backlinks. It's about their quality.
  • We offer up to 15 backlinks for your business.

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