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Running paid ads the right way for you

Run paid ads the right way. Never lose money again.

It's a well-known fact that running paid ads for your business is important. And running them the right way is even more important.

Google paid ads and Facebook paid ads are a must for every business to prosper. Moreover, you need someone that knows what they doing when running paid adverts for your company.

Do it the wrong way. Oh well. You will lose a lot of money. And make losses. That's where we come in.

We are certified Google Ads and Facebook Ads experts. Guaranteeing that you will get better results than what you achieved before. On that note, we do the following:

  • Google paid Ads. 
  • Facebook paid Ads.

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We run your google paid ads. The right way.

We run your google paid ads. The right way.

Unless you know how to edit the settings on Google Ads, you will burn your money. Very fast. Without any profitable results.

Knowing the tips and tricks that they put as 'defaults' or 'recommendations' on the AdWords platform is a must. Using these defaults will make you lose money. Very quickly. Guaranteed.

With our experience and knowledge, we know how to say 'No' to their recommendations. And run the Ads manually. That way you control every aspect of your paid Ads. And start making profits on your Google Ads.

We handle all the types of Google Ads including:

  • Sitelinks. These are links to different pages on your site.
  • Callouts. These are promotions and call- to-action like 'Try our new product'.
  • Calls. Get prospects to call your office number.
  • Location. Target only those clients near you. And who is likely to buy your product.

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Let us run your facebook paid ads profitably.

Let us run your facebook paid ads profitably.

Same as Google Paid Ads, running Facebook Ads the wrong way will make your business run at a loss.

So, you need someone that has experience in running your Facebook Ads. Someone that knows how to do AB Split tests. Check which Ads are not performing and killing them. While boosting the best performing Ads. To bring even more quality leads to your business. That way, you will get back more money than you put in. You'll make a profit.

Our Facebook Ads strategy aims very high. Aiming to get you the conversions that you need.

Installing a Facebook pixel on your website for you is the first thing that we'll do. This is a code that will help you track how your prospects are converting on your site. Those conversions include the following:

  • Getting people to make purchases on your site. 
  • Signing up people who land on your landing page.
  • Getting prospects to call you.
  • Having prospects book an appointment with you.

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