How it works

how it works - meeting with you
Step 1

We set up a meeting with you.

The first step that we take is to meet with you. You might have found us online via Google. Or via our Facebook page. Or you might have received a call from us. Once we have the privilege of meeting you,  we will set up the date and time that is convenient for you. You choose how you would like to meet with us:

  • Face-to-face meeting. Sticking to covid-19 rules. Face mask and social distancing required.
  • WhatsApp voice call or video call.
  • Zoom video call.
  • Cell phone call.
marketing needs - signing of the contract
Step 2

Finalising the deal with you.

The next step is to go through your business needs. This is where we get to know more about your business. And your marketing needs. Normally, the following happens:

  • We ask you some questions about your business.
  • This gives you a chance to discuss all your marketing needs. What you have tried and what has not worked in the past.
  • Then we discuss how our marketing agency services can solve your marketing issues.
  • Once we agree on how we can help you. And on the terms, we both sign a contract. Don't worry, it's a month-to-month contract. You can cancel at any time if you are not happy with our services.
Step 3

Project Kickoff and finalising of the project tasks to be done.

This is the last step that we take. We will send you a kickoff form. So that we can start with your marketing project. Normally, the following is done:

  • You complete the kickoff form. This is sent to you by us.
  • This form enables us to have access to your website as your marketing partner.
  • We also do a mini-survey so that you tell us more about your advertising needs. And what you would like to be changed.
  • After that, we send you a project outline. With set deadlines and deliverables. So you can see exactly what is going on.
  • You also have access to the project details and can log in at any time to check our progress. 

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