About Our Marketing Agency

About our marketing agency

See why we are the most experienced
marketing agency

Our marketing agency saves you money

We are dedicated to saving you money.

One of our top goals as a marketing agency: to save your business lots of money. How do we do this? Let's check below.

Free SEO Audit

We offer you a Free Audit for your website. This way, we pick up all the issues that need to be resolved. Like the loading speed of your site. This way, you will rank higher in Google. Making you visible to more potential clients.

Premium Software

Our marketing agency uses WordPress premium plugins for your website. This ensures that you get only the best benefits for your business. Without paying extra for these plugins. Saving you more than R40 000.

Campaign Testing

To ensure that you do not waste money on useless Ads, we run A/B tests for you. Then we toss away poor-performing ads. And boost great performing ones.

We are the only marketing agency obsessed with your results.

We are obsessed with getting results for your business, that we hardly sleep. While other marketing agencies do not care about your results, we care deeply about them.

Since we also have accountants in our team, we understand clearly that profit is all that matters. At the end of the day.

If you don't make money. We don't too. So we are dedicated to increasing your sales. Decrease your unnecessary expenses. Therefore increasing your bottom line. Your net profit.

We are the only marketing agency obsessed with your results
Marketing agency founder Walter Mogane
Walter Mogane (Owner & Manager)

We Have more than 20 Years Of Experience

Our experience as a marketing agency is detailed below. Rest assured. You are in the right hands.

  • 20 years of insurance expertise
  • 10 years of retail industry experience
  • 25 years of accounting knowledge
  • Certified Google AdWords & Facebook Ads Experts
  • FSCA Regulation understanding
  • 2 years estate admin experience
  • 12 years managing diverse teams
  • 2 years experience in banking industry
  • Certified marketing experts from Udemy & LinkedIn
  • Certified SEO Specialists from Lynda.com

LinkedIn Recommendations

I worked with Walter Mogane at Nestlife Assurance for a couple of years. He always thinks outside the box, exceeds expectations, and works well with others to achieve tough deadlines.
During the period I worked with him when I was a Consultant and Acting Financial Manager at Nestlife Assurance, we always managed to submit the Quarterly FSB (FSCA) Returns on time and ensured a clean annual Audit gets completed on time. Together with his team, including the Auditors and the Actuaries, we never missed the deadline to submit the Annual Financial Statements to the Regulators! He has outstanding leadership qualities and will complete any project given to him with professional care, accurately and on time.
I worked with Walter Mogane at Sage Life Group some years back. He is an innovative, a great leader and always finds a way to streamline work to add tremendous value to any company. He is a very friendly person and willing to help others achieve their targets. I highly recommend him and he will be an asset to any company.
Our Story

As a Marketing Agency

  • 2016


    Hunting Agency is established. Begins to build a strategy to shake up the marketing agency industry.

  • 2017

    Y. Frederik

    Hunting Agency takes on its first client. A Retail business owner in France. Installs marketplace software to get organic traffic.

  • 2018

    Munchie & GoldieTools

    Our marketing agency signs Munchie on board as a client. Delivers high-quality leads via blog writing and keyword optimization.

    Designs a website for GoldieTools. A South African company dealing with WordPress premium plugins.

  • 2019

    Pestrol & Ozell

    We design a pest control website for Pestrol. Including managing their stock. And polishing their customer service function.

    Our marketing agency designs a website for Ozell services. A Project Management company.

  • 2020

    New clients

    Our marketing agency gets the privilege of working with Herman Becking. An insurance company specialist in the Netherlands. He trusts us in bringing quality traffic to his website. Taking care of reviews from his clients. Plus taking care of one of his social media accounts.

    We also work with Jenna van der Walt from Mzansi. A Health coach. Providing marketplace software to bring her clients and monthly traffic to her website.

    And more clients sign up from all over the world.

SEO Consultancy

Many marketing agencies just build WordPress sites for clients. And leave it there. We take it a step further with SEO benefits. Which benefits? Benefits include quality leads to your site. Free and regular traffic. 

Increased Conversion

Our priority is bringing qualified traffic to your site. We run campaigns to convert those visitors. Like signing up. Purchasing. Booking appointments. We also re-target those who haven't converted yet.

Social Marketing

Since social media platforms form a big part of SEO, they cannot be ignored. You need specialists in handling your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, and others. That's where we come in.

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